If I Were You, Paperback Book
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My name is NatashaI have a successful careerA gorgeous penthouse flatTrouble is, I'm in love with a man who already has a girlfriendMy name is SophieI have a man I love He's gorgeous and we've been together four yearsTrouble is, he won't proposeNatasha and Sophie met when they were eleven and rapidly became best friends.

Natasha was always the more intelligent and Sophie the more beautiful, but it never came between them ... until now. Suddenly the tiny, niggling, inescapable fact of their envy for each other's life is trying to surface and a number of casualties are getting caught in the crossfire.

Is a fading love worth clinging to at all costs? Is marriage the be-all-and-end-all? And can an affair ever be fulfilling?Natasha and Sophie need to learn that they might be hunting for happiness in all the wrong places ...


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The classical book about best friends.<br/>One is beautiful and has always been in a relationship, but after dedicating her life to please one boyfriend after the other she is over thirty and still not married.<br/>The other is a career woman, with an upscale apartment downtown and has all the help money can buy to make her unconventional beauty really stand out, always impeccable, always stylish; but she is also chronically single and only hangs out with gay friends because they are ”safe”.<br/>One jealous of the other and vice versa.<br/>The books brings the two main characters across life changing events, some reuniting them from the distance of two very different life-styles and some threatening to end their friendship forever. <br/>It is a good book, the story develops with interesting turns<br/>I wouldn’t place it in the funny breezy category, more of an emotional book, but fortunately not a sad one.<br/><br/>*** <br/>I'm adding this part because I just finished Mr. Maybe and found that the Sophie-Olly story was basically a carbon copy of the Libby-Ed story in that book (published before this one) it upset me a little to find the author chose a story so much alike another one already published...<br/>Both go outwith the man only because he is rich, both don't fancy the guy...both get invited to a ball in the country, they both go shopping for a gown and receive a very expensive one as a gift, then both have sex the first time after the ball, for both the sex is horrible, both get engaged anyways, in both cases the guy is super keen and showering them with gifts, both dump the guy after a short while because they don't love him and he is patronizing and irritating with the taste and friends of a grandpa ... I was amazed it was exactly the same plot!!!!

Also by Julia Llewellyn Smith