Caged Bird, Hardback Book

Caged Bird Hardback


From the day she was born until she escaped aged 30, Katy Morgan-Davies knew nothing but a life in captivity.

Her father was the deluded and cruel leader of a cult based in South London who convinced himself that he was a god, and the immortal leader of the world.

Her father's paranoia and his need to completely control those around him led to her being imprisoned indoors with the curtains drawn most of the time, denied any kind of love or friendship.

From a young age, Katy's father subjected her to violence and mental abuse.

She was not permitted contact with anyone outside the house and on the rare occasions she did have to go out, she was always chaperoned. When she did finally engineer her escape, though, she realised just how little she knew of the world outside her front door.

She had never before done the things we take for granted every day such as choosing what she wanted to eat from a menu or travelling on a bus.

Step by step, she learned the skills she needed in order to exist in a world that was completely unfamiliar to her. In this unique and powerful memoir, we see how Katy rose above what she suffered and found a way to freedom through her love of books.

Reading the works of others enabled her to see her captivity for what it truly was, while writing gave her a voice when her own was silenced.

Her story also raises fascinating questions, such as how such events could unfold on an ordinary suburban street and go unnoticed and how, in spite of years of being brainwashed, Katy still developed a clear sense of right from wrong.




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