Neil Flambe and the Tokyo Treasure, EPUB eBook

Neil Flambe and the Tokyo Treasure EPUB

Illustrated by Kevin Sylvester

Part of the The Neil Flambe Capers series

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Something smells fishyand its not the sushiin the fourth book in The Neil Flamb Capers, the culinary mystery series celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey calls good fun.

Superstar teen chef Neil Flamb isnt thrilled when his cousin Larry moves to Japan to work on an online manga comic book. Now wholl help him in the kitchen?But he finds a replacement in Gary the bike courier, and life, and the restaurant, moves on without Larry. That is, until the news comes that Larry has been in a fatal boating accident and is lost at sea.

Neil is devastated. But then he checks Larrys online manga. Theres a subtle change in the plot, something Neil and Larry had discussedsomething only Neil would notice. Is this a cryptic message from beyond the graveor is Larry still alive? Determined to find out, Neil heads to Japan to solve his next mystery.