If You Dare, Paperback Book
2.5 out of 5 (15 ratings)


In 1854, high in the Pyrenees in the tiny country of Andorra, a band of mercenaries lead by highlander Courtland McCarrick wages war under ruthless general Reynaldo Pascal.

Though Court is a cold-hearted merc, who was cursed years ago to "walk with death or walk alone," even he balks when he learns how vicious Pascal's campaign against the people of this region really is.

He removes his men from the fray, demanding only to be compensated for the time they'd spent under the General's leadership, but the man refuses.

This Scottish leader will exact his revenge-by kidnapping the general's exquisite Castilian fiance and forcing her back to his highland home.

Annalia Tristan Llorente, staid, beautiful, a noblewoman to her toes, despises the fierce, barbaric highlander. Because of his cadre's skills, her own brother's resistance was crushed and he was imprisoned-only to be freed once Annalia weds the general.

Distrusting Court's seemingly mercurial loyalties, she tells him nothing of her brother's imprisonment, allowing Court to think Anna is more mercenary than he, since she longs to return to the rich general to wed. With every mile further from her home, she plots to escape, hating the highlander more with each thwarted attempt, outrage bubbling in her every time he captures her in his powerful arms.

Annalia's fury only increases when she finds herself attracted to the dark, commanding warrior.

But if she succumbs and loses her innocence, she signs her brother's death warrant, as well as her own.

From the moment Court sees that Anna's prim facade masks fiery, passionate lass beneath, his heart's ensnared.

He realizes he will never let her go, and for the first time he dares to defy the curse that has shadowed his life.

Until it comes true when the general vows he'll hunt the two, never stopping until he's destroyed them both.


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No need to reproduce plot so here's the skinny...this book is hot! Annalia is a bit sassy to say the least and Court MacCarrick is the sexy man/beast of a Scot. Basically she saves him, he's a little put out by that since he's a "manly man" and then they fight a great deal. She thinks he's hot but is repressing her sexuality because she basically thinks her mother left her as a child because of her "passions" for another man so she denies those feelings. Court is also denying his feelings because of some family curse which makes him think he's basically a death wish to Anna. The characters were so funny, they really reminded me of a husband and wife with the way they fought. Can't wait for Hugh's story! I'm ordering it for my library tomorrow!

Review by

Little things got in the way of my enjoyment of If You Dare - the Scottish accents were annoying, and the prose style kind of rough/awkward at times. Bigger issues also got in the way - like the heroine's hatred for the hero for half the book and the acts of stupidity to which this drives her. Instead of fueling the chemistry between the hero and heroine, her hatred and crazy antics killed it. As did her abrupt about face when she decides that she loves him and realizes she has no reason to hate him. Besides some hot love scenes, there’s not much by way of romance in this book. The hero was ok, nothing special - a gruff mercenary who falls for the heroine almost instantly but keeps holding back, first because he doesn't think he's good enough for her, and then because of a family curse. The slightly paranormal aspect of If You Dare was another thing I wasn't too crazy about - it seemed tacked on, a contrivance that provides one more obstacle between the hero and heroine. What with the random, vague curse, an evil dictator type who's role is negligible - he wants to marry the heroine, (who happens to be royalty,) an order of assassins that pop up every now and then to try and kill the heroine, and siblings who wait around taking up space until it's their turn for their own book, the plot of If You Dare is very loose and underdeveloped, and things never come together well enough to create a clear picture of either the characters or their relationship.

Review by

It's telegraphed from the Romance tag. When she, Lady Allalia Tristan Llorente, meets him, Courtland MacCarrick, it's a rescue. She rescues him (nice change); from a murder attempt by his former employer, as a mercenary, Generald Reynaldo Pascal. She finds him attractive but offputting, he finds her attractive but the curse his family is under is in the way.They do find a way. It's nothing special in the genre, the character accents are a bit grating and don't really come across as convincing and the distances belittled a little too much. All the way from Andorra to London is a pretty big distance in the, pre-modern, whenever this is set (my mind isn't helping with the details, post guns anyway, pre-20th). Readable but has no depth.

Review by

I had a hard time reading this book. I normally love historical romances but I didn't like the characters at all in this book, and I had a hard time following Cole's writing. I feel like I have a pretty low bar when it comes to romances, so the fact that I couldn't stand to do anything other than skim the last 200 pages prompted my low rating. Also I think the cover is really terrible. I thought the man was a woman at first because it looks like he is wearing a strapless dress. I had to stare at it a while to realize it was supposed to be a blanket. The cover didn't affect my rating, but I still wanted to complain.

Review by

Court, has been waging against a evil tyrant, General Pascal. Then he is almost killed and escapes and is found by Annalia, who nurses him back to health. When Annalia hears that Pascal has her brother in captivity and in return for his life she is required to marry him. However before she agrees to it...Court takes her away once finding out her connection to Pascal, hoping to exact justice against Pascal. However what Court never expected was to start falling for beautiful Annalia, whose fiery spirit only increases his attraction to her...and before he knows it, he finds himself in love with her and willing to do whatever to make her happy.If You Dare, is the first in the MacCarrick Brothers Series....and as much as I enjoyed If You Deceive, I had such a difficult time reading this one. I finished it for sure...but it did take a little while...and there was inconsistency throughout the whole story...I think if it had run more smoothly I may have enjoyed it more...however despite that the characters were at times likable but I had a hard time with Court and Annalia...it seemed like the whole story apart from the end was all about how they fight with each other, and I couldn't see how they could even fall in love with each other....but I did enjoy the ending most of all...however It was far from my favorite from this author...

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