Infinity 8 Vol 2: Back to the Fuhrer, Hardback Book


The city-sized, deep-space cruise ship "Infinity 8"stops halfway in route between the Milky Way and Andromeda, blocked by a massivefield of debris containing wreckage and artifacts from countless planets,cultures, and possibly dimensions.

The captain of the ship calls upon eight ofthe ship's top security to investigate the anomaly, each one sent out in aparallel time-loop to collect information which can then be assembled tohopefully discover the truth before disaster erupts.

Each time-loop lasts onlyeight hours, at which point things snap back to the way they were when theystarted, with no memories of their time in that window.

Can the eight agentssolve the mystery without making things worse?

Danger reveals itself within theinterspecies population on the ship, some of whom may know more than they leadon . . . The second in the eight-volume series of pulpy sci-fiadventures, this time by legendary writer Lewis Trondheim and series designerOlivier Vatine themselves.

Another venture into the field of debris uncoverssome strange artifacts from numerous historical eras . . . including the head ofAdolf Hitler! Returning it to the ship for study turns disastrous as theirfuture science restores life and awareness to the head, giving rise to thethreat of a brand new Reich made up of robots and fanatics who've lost allunderstanding of the genocidal agenda the former dictator originally unleashed!Crucial information transmitted by first agent YokoKeren (at the end of Vol.1) has made the Captain decide to launch a new paralleltime-loop and activate a second agent: the impulsive Stella Moonkicker, who willonly have eight hours to collect the maximum amount of information possible. Flanked by Bobbie, her boring probation robot, shadowing her since her mostrecent bout of "unprofessional conduct," she is assigned as securityfor a group of fanatics who long for the return of the Nazis, not fullyunderstanding exactly what the Nazis actual did or stood for.

Theircenturies-old impression has become watered down to something like a simplephilosophy for peace . . . a far cry from the dangers of their actual originalphilosophy.

But when they find the cryonized head of Adolf Hitler floating inthe mysterious wreckage blocking the ship and try to reactivate it, the threatof a Fourth Reich on the Infinity 8 proves to be very serious.

Stella and Bobbiewill have to confront the reanimated Fuhrer, who is confused by thisstrange future and hell-bent on taking over the world (again).

But if theCaptain is killed, no reboot can take place and the advent of the Fourth Reichwill become the only time frame to have ever existed . . .


  • Format: Hardback
  • Pages: 104 pages
  • Publisher: Magnetic Press
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Science fiction
  • ISBN: 9781942367567



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