His Other Lover, Paperback Book
3 out of 5 (1 rating)


Mia thinks of herself as a grown up. Her twenty-two-year-old sister, Clare, is once again in the death throes of an affair that was always doomed to failure.

Mia now understands that relationships need work; that in an adult partnership, passion and spontaneity give way to something different but more lasting.

With Pete she knows that her search for 'The One' can stop. Until, tripping over Pete's phone on the way to the loo one night, she reads a text message that sends her blood cold.

Everything in it - its tone, the kisses at the end, Pete's evasions about the sender 'Liz' - is wrong, and suddenly the blinkers are off.

It's time to get back in the game, and with everything to play for, Mia is about to discover a capacity for deceit she never knew she had.

After all, when Happy Ever After is at stake, any weapon at your disposal is fair game - isn't it?




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 This was a mildly diverting listen in the car.<br/><br/>The surmise is that Mia is with Pete and thinks he's "the one" until she manages to fall over his phone in the night and sees a text from a mystery Liz. She reads it, it ends "xx" and she immediately jumps to the conclusion that he's having an affair. At which point she stops being an entirely rational human being and starts to act like a complete raving lunatic. She goes on the hunt for evidence of the affair, and duly finds some. And then does several more things that are designed to make Pete think the Liz has gone mad and is obsessed. Only the mad one here is most certainly Mia. She acts with the aim of driving a wedge between Pete &amp; Liz, such that he come back to her and remembers how good they have been together and she retains her nice safe, cosy life with him at her side. <br/><br/>Several times I found myself thinking that she had well and truly lost the plot, that no man was worth this level of effort and would you want him back knowing he could have the affair in the first place. There's a twist in the tail, and the ending is entirely unresolved, which is an interesting approach, but seemed to work. <br/><br/>It's enjoyable chick lit rather than a great work of literature. But it certainly made the M6 marginally more enjoyable than it would otherwise have been.