The Pirate's Daughter, Paperback Book
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THE PIRATE'S DAUGHTER by Margaret Cezair-Thompson is an unforgettable story of love and adventure, spanning three decades of Jamaican history.Jamaica, 1946. Errol Flynn washes up on in the Zaca, his storm-wrecked yacht. Ida Joseph, the teenaged daughter of Port Antonio's Justice of the Peace, is intrigued to learn that the 'World's Handsomest Man' is on the island, and makes it her business to meet him.

For the jaded swashbuckler, Jamaica is a tropical paradise that Ida, unfazed by his celebrity, seems to share.

Soon Flynn has made a home for himself on Navy Island, where he entertains the cream of Hollywood at parties that become a byword for decadence - and Ida has set her heart on marrying this charismatic older man who has singled her out for his attention. Flynn and Ida do not marry, but Ida bears Flynn a daughter, May, who will meet her father but once. The Pirate's Daughter is a tale of passion and recklessness, of two generations of women and their battles for love and survival, and of a nation struggling to rise to the challenge of hard-won independence.


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The pirate of the title refers to Errol Flynn, who finds himself washed up on the shores of Jamaica following a storm. He finds calmness and peace on the charming island, and seeks refuge there from the scandal that follows him in Hollywood. Ida, the daughter of a man who befriends Errol, develops a crush on him and their somewhat odd friendship develops over the years. As Errol lurches from relationship to relationship and scandal to scandal, he regularly returns to the island and renews his friendship with Ida.Ida grows into a beautiful young woman, and one day the inevitable happens. Ida finds she is pregnant with Flynn's child, but raises it herself, isolated and abandoned by the man she loves. Her family falls on hard times, and she is forced to go abroad to seek work in order to support her beloved daughter, Margaret.This charming tale follows both the lives of the mother and daughter. Ida never stops being in love with Errol, but fights to protect her child and give her every opportunity. Around them, politics and strife rear their ugly heads as Jamaica gains independence from Britain and racial tensions rise to the surface. Their lives are torn apart and changed forever by the events of one fateful night.This is a forlorn love story brought vividly to life with enchanting descriptions of the island and rich characters. The span of the tale is thoroughly satisfying and the historical setting adds a menacing overtone to the tale. A page-turning, engrossing, intelligent read.

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A nice read, entertaining story. Interesting to learn a bit about the troubles in Jamaica.

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I expected more from this book somehow. The whole Hollywood glamour thing really was redundant, although it was easy to believe the fictional character could've had the affair with the very real Errol Flynn who lived there for a time. It also made me a tad uncomfortable. Why pick such a famous star even if he did live in Jamaica? I felt it would've been better with a fictional actor but that's just me.The real star of the book was Jamaica itself and I learned a lot about this country as the history evolved throughout the book. Unfortunately, I didn't find the characters very interesting and didn't really care what happened to them. I also got bored well before the end.