Wicked Becomes You, Paperback Book

Wicked Becomes You Paperback

3.5 out of 5 (11 ratings)


She's pretty enough to be popular, and Lord knows she's rich enough for it.

But what society loves best about Gwen Maudsley is how very, very nice she is.

So when a cad jilts her at the altar - again - an outraged London brays for blood.

Only Gwen has a different plan. If nice no longer works for her, then it's time to learn to be naughty.

When Alexander de Grey, a notorious rogue, takes Gwen on an educational tour through the glittering casinos of the Riviera, their friendship gives way to something hotter, darker, and altogether more dangerous - and Gwen must convince Alex that his wickedest intentions are exactly what she needs.


  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Romance
  • ISBN: 9781416593126

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Review by

From my blog...Wicked Becomes You is an intriguing, witty, mysterious, and delightfully fun historical romance novel by Meredith Duran. Set in the late 1890s the reader meets Gwen Maudsley, who is known by London's society as a charming girl with a ready smile and many friends. She also happens to be an heiress who has been twice jilted. Her first engagement was to Lord Trent who at the very least had the decency to end the engagement prior to the wedding whereas Viscount Pennington practically ran from the alter during the ceremony. Alex Ramsey happened to be present at her wedding to witness the most recent jilting and realises he is failing his best friend's dying wish, that Alex take care of his sister's future. Alex spends most of his time traveling while his sisters have been keeping him abreast of what is happening in London. He decides he must take matters into his hands and hopes to marry Gwen off by autumn, but Gwen has other plans. Gwen has decided she shall never marry, as she refuses to go through it all a third time yet Alex is insistent, reminding her of his promise to her brother Richard. Gwen believes, as most, the gossip about Alex and believes him something of a rake, a blackguard and wonders if she can trust him. Gwen decides she is no longer going to be conventional. Alex believes she merely needs rest and will come to her senses and heads to France where he has business and has promised Gwen to track down the Viscount to retrieve her brother's ring. While in France, Alex receives a telegram from his sister Belinda stating that Gwen was heading to France in the company of Mrs. Elma Beecham, who clearly has no knowledge of her young charge's intent, to confront the Viscount personally as well as to learn to be independent and unconventional. In Paris Gwen and Alex work on a scheme to try and discover whom Mr. Barrington is and why he is buying up so much land. Wicked Becomes You is a wonderfully delightful, fast-paced novel with two incredibly intelligent, witty, and stubborn main characters. Each, with their own secrets, brings a hint of mystery to this already delightful, fresh, and at times unconventional look at late 19th century society. Duran creates a story filled with several plot twists, witty repertoire, vivid descriptions, and charming as well as intriguing characters. Wicked Becomes You is a novel which the reader is loathe to see come to an end, but will take the reader for a delightful journey along the way.

Review by

I have to confess this is my first Meredith Duran romance. I know, I know, you must be asking yourself if I've been living under a rock right about now... if it makes you feel better, I do own two of her previous works I just haven't gotten around to reading them (bows head in shame). So with that said... wth have I been thinking not to read Meredith Duran before?!?Ms. Duran is brilliant! I loved her characters. Gwen the jilted (for the second time) super nice, super sweet girl. Alex the rake... I love me a rake. A woman fed up with being the good girl and swearing to live WICKED. A man who has no other recourse but to take care of her (as promised to her late brother) and make sure she gets into no trouble. They were the perfect match with dynamic chemistry, quick wit, and plenty of sigh-worthy moments. And, as if that weren't enough, there's also a bit of a mystery to be solved (although this is not the major plot line in the story). I found this to be more of a character driven novel with plenty of romance, laugh out loud moments, and loads and loads of wickedness (at least what you'd consider wicked for a girl living in the 1890's). Prepare to be whisked away on an adventure through Paris, Nice and Monte Carlo and learn that love comes when you least expect it. This is historical romance at its best and one that I would not hesitate in recommending.This book was provided for review by Simon & Schuster.

Review by

Gwen Maudsley is known as the nicest girl in London. She will knit for orphans until her wrists ache, charm condescending old dowagers and never say an unkind word to anyone. Once she is jilted by her second fiancee, this time at the altar, she decides that maybe marrying into nobility and being pleasant to everyone may not be the way to go. If three million pounds and a pleasing manner isn't enough to secure her a husband, what is it actually going to take? To make matters worse, her weaselly fiancee has fled to Paris, and taken the ring of her beloved dead brother with him. She is determined to go to Paris to retrieve the ring. It's time for Gwen to stop being nice, and try being wicked.Alex Ramsey may just be the man to help her on her road to adventure. He was her brother Richard's best friend and business partner, and promised Richard on his deathbed that he would take care of Gwen. He has always tried to honour the promise from a safe distance, as he always found her a little bit too fascinating up close. While in Paris trying to track down the man who bought some of the family property in order to buy it back, he is alerted to Gwen's undesirable presence by his twin sisters. It quickly becomes clear that Gwen is not interested in going back to London to try for yet another engagement, and that she doesn't just want to track down the cowardly Viscount who has her brother's ring. She wants to experience the more unusual haunts of Paris, and if Alex won't help her, she will find someone else who will.Meredith Duran has only written four romance novels so far, but each one is better than the next, and Wicked Becomes You may be my favourite one yet. Gwen's transformation from the society darling who lives to please everyone, but who has also worked so terribly hard never to really get properly attached to anyone after her brother's death, to an outspoken, self-assured woman is wonderfully done. She also, very gratifyingly, does not go from innocent society miss to liberated adventuress overnight, there are definitely moments where she is shocked and a bit scared by the new situations she finds herself in.Alex is also a great character, who suffered from crippling asthma as a child, has spent most of his life escaping the expectations of his family and their continuing fears for his health. He blames himself for Richard's death, and has continued to run the successful business they founded, despite his family's disapproval (although they benefit greatly from the money he makes). He has been fighting his attraction to Gwen for years, but this becomes a lot more difficult for him when they have to travel to the south of France to pursue the man he believes defrauded his brother out of some of the family land. He has always known she has been repressing her true self to fit into polite society, and the person she emerges to become even more fascinating than the girl she was.The romance obviously does not run entirely smoothly, but all the obstacles thrown into the couple's path seem believable, and the way their relationship develops throughout the book is heart-warming and occasionally took my breath away. The book has all the things I look for in a good romance, and I'm so glad it lived up to my already quite high expectations. Meredith Duran is now on my Must Buy list, and I will be pre-ordering her books from now on.

Review by

Alex hides a painful secret and he's determine to protect it even if it costs him the heart of the woman he loves. Gwen, her wealth making her wildly popular, wants nothing more than to be loved. Unfortunately this is difficult even for this sweet and always respectable girl. Left standing alone at the altar not once, but twice, Gwen comes to the decision that she must make some changes if she's ever going to make <i>herself</i> happy. Unbeknownst to her, Alex loves her exactly like she is and refuses to help her change from her sweet and pure image to one a bit darker. As we all know, however, you can't stop love and eventually the friendship between Alex and Gwen turns into something dark and passionate. Will Gwen find what she's truly looking for in Alex or will the secret he keeps destroy their budding romance and the friendship both held so dear?Having never read any of Meredith Duran's book before, I can't really compare WICKED BECOMES YOU to her others. What I can do is tell you that I am a brand new fan of Ms. Duran. I found this book to be an excellent read, drawing me in from literally the first line.Sometimes you come across a book and immediately know whether you're going to love it or hate it. I'm not saying this initial reaction is always correct, but it does influence how one will perceive the rest of the story. In the case of WICKED BECOMES YOU, I had barely read the first paragraph when I knew that this was going to be an incredibly difficult book to set down and I was right. Ms. Duran's writing lends an air of mystery to the book. She gives us the story in pieces, a bit here and a bit there. Leading us along with a carrot on a string instead of just throwing it at our heads. Figuratively of course. On the subject of romantic tension, I must say that Ms. Duran is superb. Teasing us with blood pumping scenes and then easing off, Ms. Duran practically has us begging for it. The fantastic chemistry between Gwen and Alex only serves to make the romance that much sweeter and the passion that much hotter. My favorite aspect of WICKED BECOMES YOU would definitely be the characters. I thought Gwen was a wonderfully sweet girl and her attempt at being naughty was actually kind of heartbreaking and exciting. This is a girl who would turn heads when walking into a room and Ms. Duran did a fantastic job of conveying that through her words. Alex also would turn heads, but perhaps from a different crowd. Both characters were robust and finely developed, really becoming the focal point of the story instead of just a vehicle for the romance. WICKED BECOMES YOU was an excellent book and one that I recommend to any lovers of Historical Romance. I have one special bookshelf for my favorite books and I've already done some rearranging to created a spot for this book. I can easily see myself pulling this down anytime I need a passionate tale. This has a high reread value.

Review by

WICKED BECOMES YOU by Meredith Duran is a delightful Historical Romance set in 1886 England. It is well written. The plot is wonderful. It has sensuality, secrets,finding ones true self, mystery, danger, and family. The characters are charming, witty, strong, daring and complex. This is a wonderful story of love and romance. I would highly recommend this book. It is a quick read. It is fast paced and a page turner from beginning to end. This book was received for review and details can be found at Pocket Books Romance and My Book Addiction and More.

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