White Heat : A Novel, EPUB eBook
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A major player in the narcotics business doesnt learn that the woman who stole his heart is an undercover DEA agentuntil its too late.

The divorce decree delivered to Limbos Pennsylvania prison cell was the consequence of a single bad decision: choosing the streets instead of his family. Limbos downward spiral gained momentum after a group of miscreant federal agents ruined his livelihood. But that only fueled his ambition to win.

Now Limbo has one thing in mind: getting back to the streets with his notorious entourage, the Crips, to rebuild his empire and replenish his familys wealth, even if it means murder. The unprincipled agents have other plans, though. They have laid a compelling trap thats certain to put Limbo behind bars foreverRhapsody, a gorgeous white woman. Things spin out of control, though, when a purely sexual encounter turns into an intimate love affair. White Heat examines a convicted felons narcotics business, sexual exploits, violent encounters, and dealings with state and federal officials who act above the law.


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