The Walk, Paperback Book
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The latest New York Times bestseller from one of today's most inspiring writers. What would you do if you lost everything - your job, your home, and the love of your life - all at the same time?

When it happens to advertising executive Alan Christoffersen, he's tempted by his darkest thoughts.

With a bottle of pills in his hand and nothing left to live for, he plans to end his misery.

But then Al decides instead to take a walk - no ordinary walk, but one that would take him to the farthest point on his map: Key West, Florida.

Taking with him only the barest of essentials, and leaving behind all that he's ever known, Al heads off on a journey into the unknown.

The people he encounters along the way and the lessons they share with him, will save his life - and inspire yours.

The Walk is the story of an unforgettable, life-changing journey, and an inspiring account of one man's search for hope.


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The Walk by Richard Paul Evans; 4 1/2 starsThis is not great literature by any means but it was a very good read.Alan grows up being raised by his father as his mother died of breast cancer. McKale grows up in the house next door being raised by her father as her mother abandoned them.The two become fast friends at an early age and fall in love with each other at 17. They marry young and he goes on to University to become an advertising executive with a very lucrative business of his own. A friend comes in with him to be the go-between with the client and the creative process of the business.One day while in an important meeting with a huge perspective client Alan takes an emergency call from a neighbor. McKale was horseback riding and her horse spooked. She was thrown and it is very bad. He rushes to the hospital where he finds that his wife is indeed in bad shape. Her back is broken and they do not know if she will be paralyzed or not. They will watch & evaluate her and should know more at the 72 hour mark.Alan will not leave his wife's side. When the 72 hours pass the specialists come in to check McKale. She indeed has no feeling from her waist down. The family, her parents, Alan & his father are devastated. The doctors take her back into surgery to repair her spine even though it won't make a difference in her ability to walk they say it must be done. McKale goes through weeks of therapy to gain the upper body strength it will take for her to move in & out of the wheelchair, etc. Alan remains with her, trusting Kyle, his friend & partner in business, to keep things running smoothly at work which he has promised to do.The day comes when Alan can take McKale home. He gets her home and settled and begins to deal with their personal finances which she had always taken care of. The mortgage company calls & tells Alan that they are two months in arrears on the payments of their two million dollar home. Soon he is finding many, many unpaid bills. Upon calling his secretary at work to have money transferred so that he can pay all of these bills she tells him that his partner & friend has left the company taking all of the employees but her, all of the clients and of course all of the company money. Kyle has begun his own ad agency.When it rains it pours. He checks on McKale and questions her as to whether she is okay with him returning to work for a bit. She tells him of course so he goes in to see just how bad it is. Upon getting to his offices he finds out that it is much worse that he had even imagined. He returns home to find McKale half out of her head with fever. Her temperature is 104. So he calls the hospital and they tell him to bring her in immediately. By the time he gets her there her temperature has risen to 105. She has a bad infection and is septic. Alan has a difficult time understanding how this can be but soon realizes that she is in a very bad way. Soon McKale drifts away from Alan. She doesn't want to leave him but her poor tortured body simply cannot fight this.It's hard to want to go on living when your best friend & wife has died, your business has been stolen out from under you, your home is foreclosed upon, your vehicles are repossessed and you have more medical bills than you will ever be able to pay.Alan spends his days in deep depression and finally remembers a man who once told him that things didn't seem so bad when he went out and walked. So he got out a map and an old shoestring and measured out the furthest point on the map from Seattle that he could walk to. Turned out to be the Florida Keys. So he packed up a backpack, dressed in his hiking clothes and thus begins The Walk.This is a quick easy read. Sad but satisfying somehow. Recommended for those in the mood for something of this nature. (it isn't as depressing as it sounds)