Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 Volume 4: Welcome to the Team, Paperback Book

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 Volume 4: Welcome to the Team Paperback

3.5 out of 5 (3 ratings)


  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 168 pages, 1 Illustrations, unspecified
  • Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Horror & ghost stories
  • ISBN: 9781616551667



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Review by
Summary: In Volume 4, "Welcome to the Team", Buffy is in the middle of fighting a zompire who is strangely stronger than normal when she is teleported away by Illyria to join a council of beings dedicated to protecting what little magic remains in the world after the destruction of the Seed… magic that is under threat from the Siphon, who seeks to absorb it all to achieve his own dark ends.Review: I think Season 9 was a lot stronger than Season 8. Not every single thing Buffy does has to be preventing a world-ending apocalypse (although it usually works out that way) and I think that by keeping her storyline a little smaller and her motivations more focused (figure out life, navigate relationships, deal with a changed world, kill vampires, protect the people you love), the writers managed to keep the series reigned in to a more manageable scope, and kept it feeling more like the TV show and less like a trip to crazy-town. One of the key differences, I thought, was that S8 had a lot of stuff that felt like the writers were doing it because they didn't have to worry about special effects budgets anymore, so they could have all the special effects they wanted. On the other hand, there was very little in S9 that felt like it was something that couldn't have been filmed, which is I think how comics should be: a little something extra that we can't get from TV, but not so much that it loses touch with the spirit of the original series. And the Buffy comics, particularly S9, are good about keeping the flavor of the original. The characters all sound like themselves, even as they grow and change in response to what's happened in their lives. The patter of the dialogue still flows the same. The characters… don't quite look the same (in the panels, at least; the cover paintings are quite realistic), but that's not new to this season, and at least they're all consistently identifiable (except for Andrew, who in my opinion is probably the character that looks the farthest from the actor). So overall, I really enjoyed these; they've got the signature Buffy mix of humor and heart and supernatural ass-kicking, all while sticking a little closer to the types of stories that made the series so great. 4 out of 5 stars.Recommendation: I can't imagine these comics making a lot of sense to someone who hasn't seen the whole series and read season 8 (and maybe some other stuff as well; this season involved some Angel references, and probably some things from the other Buffyverse comics that I don't read that went right over my head.) But for fans of the show, this season is a lot more satisfying than S8.
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It really is back to basics with this installment of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy is no longer attached to the business operation that Kennedy has created (which I was not a fan of, mostly because I hate Kennedy) and is back on the streets doing what she does best, fight vampires (technically zompires) and trying to save the world.This is the Buffy I've been missing, and I'm so glad to have her back. Even though the gang is not back together by the end of this volume it would seem that things may be heading in that direction. That, and the guys at comic-con said that is. There were a lot of surprises in this volume, and I'm excited to see where this takes the series.I am a fan of the new addition to the group, Billy, who despite being without special slayer abilities, is doing pretty well for himself and can certainly keep his own in a fight. Despite this, he continues to believe that he is worthless and should quit until his boyfriend, Devon, reassures him that he is an integral part of the team. He still has some growing up to do, and I'm excited to watch him go through all the motions as I do like him.I'm still a little iffy on Dowling, the cop that now helps Buffy slay the zompires. He still has a little bit of character building to go, especially since it looks like he is a potential love interest for Buffy. I feel about Dowling how I feel about my friends new dating partners. I have to meet them and approve before I allow it to happen. Maybe allow is the wrong word, but you get what I mean.The art is still of the highest caliber, and I'm looking forward to seeing more from Georges Jeanty. I feel that he really stays true to the characters, not just with their looks, but their expressions are believable and often affecting.Overall, I was quite impressed with this volume and can't wait to go buy the next one. Probably in the next couple of days. I was a little weary of where it was heading for the last couple of volumes, but now I'm feeling better. I firmly believe that it's now back on track since I had the feeling it was kind of losing its way. A great addition to the growing Buffyverse.

Review by
Buffy Season 9 is overall stronger than Season 8, but it has felt a lot like treading water. In this volume we finally get a clearer picture of the villain Severin, the “Siphon” - what his goal and motivation is. It’s actually somewhat sympathetic. Good. Buffy temporarily teams up with Illyria (from Angel) to fight him, until Illyria loses her powers, thus furthering Severin’s plans and Illyria (powerless, AGAIN) randomly buggers off. I would have really liked to have seen a bit more time spent with Illyria and the Buffy/Illyria interaction.Dawn gets sick - her body, originally made from mystical energy to harness the Key, is shutting down since Buffy destroyed the Seed of all magic at the end of Season 8. Xander’s bad attitude this season seems to have been leading up to this, as he uses Dawn’s ailment to blame Buffy for everything and ends this volume teaming up with Severin the Siphon - now blue-haired and Illyria-powered - and the evil punk-slayer, Simone Doffler. They have a plan to use Illyria’s power to turn back the clock, wiping out everything that happened between Buffy and “Twilight” and the Seed. Which wouldn’t actually be a bad thing by any means, except that it would rip apart the universe. I like how Season 8’s characters and storyline are still informing Season 9, everything is building nicely, overall, and its flowing together okay - it all feels a bit choppy and rushed. And I don’t care if I’m the only person in the world who hates Georges Jeanty’s art, I still hate it. Art is one of those subjective things though, so if you like it, you like it. It doesn’t do it for me.I liked The Watcher story, at the end, illustrated by Karl Moline - although even his art I found kind of rushed and sloppy looking in places. The Watcher dealt with some of Xander’s feelings about everything that’s happened in Season 8 and 9. I love Xander and I hope they stop writing him as a jerk and I am worried about how this whole betrayal story-arc will pan out for him and Buffy. I love their best-friendship and I worry that will be ruined by the events of Season 9. Also, WILLOW COMES BACK YAY!!! FINALLY!!!!!! - And yes, I did read her comics, and enjoyed them, but I still really missed having her in Buffy.