Peril's Gate : Third Book of the Alliance of Light, Paperback Book

Peril's Gate : Third Book of the Alliance of Light Paperback

Part of the The Wars of Light and Shadow series

4.5 out of 5 (1 rating)


Where there is light, there must always be shadow...

The fourth volume in Janny Wurts's spectacular epic fantasy, now re-released with a striking new cover design along with the rest of the series.The curse that hangs over the Master of Shadow, Arithon, and Lord of Light, Lysaer, is drawing the two half-brothers ever closer towards direct conflict.

For the Natural Balance to be maintained, the two must never fight.

If they do, one is sure to perish and the Mistwraith will regain its evil power over their world.Even now, Lysaer - convinced of his own godhead and aided by the treacherous Koriani Sisterhood - is tracking Arithon the Masterbard through the snows and wastes of the winter-locked mountains and the Barrens of Daon Ramon.

Arithon is tortured by the knowledge that for the sake of future generations he must not be killed, no matter the cost of others' lives now.

Fighting valiantly to prevent unnecessary suffering, he strikes out on his own; but he is injured and failing fast.Meanwhile, the ancient Paravians are stirring, summoned by trespassers on their sacred domain; and the Fellowship of Seven are battling on many other fronts, as the Mistwraith's wards begin to break, and khadrim and free wraiths roam the land...


  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 784 pages
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Science fiction
  • ISBN: 9780007101085

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There comes a time in every fantasy series when our hero has to endure extreme trials and perils if they stand any chance of suriving. Every last desperate trick and sacrifice must be made, flesh blood and sinew stretched to the upmost limit. This is Arithon's fate, and the reader is never sure if he will survive unscathed.The actions starts immidiately picking up seconds after the ending of <i>Grand Conspiracy</i> (read this first!) with Arithon, Dakar an Fionn fleeing the guards from Jealot and the Korinai. Of course this isn't sufficiently punishing as Arithon's already outwitted them once. Fionn, born and bred under the allegations cast by the Light, mislikes being saved by Aithon anad chalneges him to a duel. A chance misstep leaves Arithon's sword (and lyanthe) arm badly wounded, and hence makes his escape that much more difficult. I wasn't totally convinced by this - Arithon is such a master that Fionn shouldn't be able to get that clsoe to him. However, the alternative ouwl dbe to inflate the enamies capabilities (much like Jim Butcher does) which also quickly sufferes from belivability problems. AT least once Arithon is injured everything else that stems from it it belivable.Meanwhile the Fellowship are still struglling to maintain their grip on the compact, after the Koriani meddling, but they find they do still have space for a few small victories. Lirenda find's the cost of her emotional indisipline higher than she expected, and Elaria is helped to circumvent the order's vows by a most unusal aid. The sixth Fellowship sorcerer Darvin the Betrayer, has at last stirred from his 500 years of solitude. Given that his Maze killed Arithon's ancestor, it may not be a blessing that Darvin is active once more, especially as Arithon is being pressured by Lysessar's forces towards the mountians and glaciers towards his ancient retreadNow into the 6th part of the series, none of the quality has slacked at all, and the tension is higher than ever before, events concatenate into a desperate fight for survival, and even the Parvarians may be called into showing themselves.

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