Night Of The Living Trekkies, Paperback Book

Night Of The Living Trekkies Paperback

4.5 out of 5 (17 ratings)


Our story follows a rag-tag group of Trekkies en route to an annual Star Trek convention.

Arriving with homemade uniforms, glued-on prosthetics, and plastic phasers, these fanboys know more than any rational adult should know about Kirk, Spock, Next Generation, particle physics, black holes, and Ricardo Montalban.

But when aliens release a zombie plague upon the Earth, all of this Starfleet training suddenly becomes a lot more relevant.

Our fanboys find themselves trapped in the Botany Bay Hotel and Convention Center - and desperate to escape.

Some will be assimilated. Others will summon the courage of their favorite characters and perform brave feats of heroism. And one reluctant fan will discover his inner Trekkie, rise up, and take command of the crew.


  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 256 pages, Spot Line Illustrations
  • Publisher: Quirk Books
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Science fiction
  • ISBN: 9781594744631



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Review by

Jim Pike, who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan, spends his days trying to hide from the rest of the world. And what better way than to work as an assistant manager for the Botany Bay Hotel in Houston, Texas. Mostly a hotel for traveling businessmen, one weekend a year, the Botany Bay becomes the beacon for GulfCon - one of the largest Star Trek conferences in the U.S., effectively tossing Jim's chances to enjoy his quiet desk job. Just as the hotel prepares to receive the oncoming tidal wave of Trekkies, some of the hotel employees begin calling in sick, complaining of not feeling well after being bitten. Even the head of security is attacked -- by a mime, of all things.And that's just the beginning. Those that are bitten spring back to life, violent and ravenous, but something doesn't right. They don't act like typical zombies; these can act in coordinated unison, with a particular purpose. Or maybe it's that third eye that sprouts from any conceivable spot on the body. Looking into it is almost mesmerizing.Soon Jim is racing through the hotel with Princess Leia, Martock -- a Klingon weapons maker -- and other survivors of this terrible night, trying to find his sister somewhere on the 7th floor and lead them all to safety. . .somehow."Night of the Living Trekkies" takes the traditional story of a small group of people coming together to survive a zombie apocalypse and mixes it with heavy helpings of all things Star Trek. From the various weapons that Jim and his crew wield, such as kar'takins and yans, to the way almost everyone seamlessly makes references to the worlds of Star Trek. It even manages to lovingly poke fun at the series and fans' enthusiasm about it -- the main character's name is Jim Pike (a combination of two captains of the USS Enterprise), and the references to the red shirts thanks to the West Texas Red Tunic Club. (For those out of the loop, here's an explanation from the book: "...the characters dressed in red tunics were always doomed. If one beamed down to a planet with Kirk and Spock, the guy in red would always, always die."Watch a few episodes of the classic show for yourself to see if it's true.)The frequent "Star Trek" in-jokes perfectly balance the gore and zombie mayhem, making "Night of the Living Trekkies" a fun and fast read, sure to please both zombie lovers and Trekkies alike.

Review by

Jim Pike works in a dead end job with a minimum of responsibilities at a hotel. Although he has the capability and intelligence to do something significant with his life, he avoids responsibility like the plague. When he spent two tours of duty in Afghanistan, his confidence in himself and with people as whole was completely shattered. Now he has to deal with GenCon, the Star Trek convention that has started in the hotel. Things couldn’t be more disastrous. The attendance at the convention is well below what was expected. Employees are calling in sick and if they bother to show up, they disappear. Many people report being bitten by random strangers and develop flu-like symptoms shortly afterwards. Jim’s gut feeling tells him something is really wrong here, but Jim’s brain convinces him that it’s just paranoia. There’s no such thing as zombies, right?I thought this was going to be the mash-up book that was too cheesy to be good, but I ended up reading the entire thing in one day. It was so engaging, I couldn’t put it down. It mashes together two things I really enjoy: zombies and Star Trek. I grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, so I have pretty much always been a moderate Trekkie. I really enjoyed all the attention to detail in the book. Every chapter heading was named after a Star Trek episode. There were huge amounts of references to all the Star Trek series throughout the book. The author must be nerds as well or they did massive amounts of research in order to appear so.The characters are all multidimensional, realistic people. Many of the people I got attached to ended up dying, which surprised me. I figured time wouldn’t be spent on a lot of character development if they’re just going to die. I really like Jim and his hero journey, from an outcast of the lowest order to a leader. The zombies are also pretty cool. These aren’t your run of the mill zombies, but ones induced by alien parasites, kind of like in Scott Sigler’s Infected. They cause people to sprout an extra eye and have the ability to mesmerize people. Eating flesh isn’t needed for their survival, but as means of transmitting more parasites to more people. Their biology is interested and provides a new spin on the zombie.Night of the Living Trekkies is a fast, light read that grabs you doesn’t let go. The Star Trek information is presented in such a way that fans would recognize some more subtle Star Trek allusions, but there are plenty that are explained so no readers would feel left out if they don’t know Star Trek canon very well. I think everyone could find something that they like in it.

Review by

Zombies are on the loose, and they're attacking a <I>Star Trek</I> convention. But fortunately, Trekkies do not believe in the no-win scenario... Oddly enough, my one complaint about this book is that it's not quite nerdy <I>enough</I> for my admittedly extremely nerdy tastes. There are lots of <I>Star Trek</I> references and in-jokes, but the writers apparently felt the need to make things more accessible by frequently having the characters explain this stuff to each other even when it <I>really</I> shouldn't have been necessary. Plus almost no work of fiction I've ever seen that's involved a science fiction convention has gotten it quite right, and this is no exception. (Yes, I have been to a few. And, honestly, not <I>everybody</I> is in costume all the time, and if you insist on being called by a character's name for the whole weekend, even the other fanboys might look at you funny.) But never mind that. It's great fun, anyway, and by the end, I was laughing out loud quite frequently. It's not all humor, though; there's also lots of the exact kind of slightly cheesy horror action I've been in the mood for lately.

Review by

I got a copy of this book through the Amazon Vine program. It just looked too quirky and funny to pass up. I expected something moderately humorous and a bit silly, but what I actually got was something way, way better than that. This is an absolutely awesome book. It is very well written, intelligent, and actually really, really funny. This book is just non-stop action from the beginning to the end and it takes an interesting and creative twist that ties Star Trek nicely in with zombies.Jim used to be a huge Star Trek fan, but after a tour of duty in Afghanistan he doesn't give much credence to Star Trek's overall message anymore. Now Jim works as a bell hop at a hotel. Jim's hotel is going to be the site of GulfCon; a Star Trek convention known for the most obscure Star Trek costumes ever. When Trekkies at the convention start sprouting evil third eyeballs and chomping on people things at GulfCon get more exciting than they ever have been. It will be up to Jim, a pre-med student modeling as Princess Leia, and a small group of Trekkies, to escape the hotel save themselves and possibly even the whole human race.I have to say right off of the bat that the cover for this book and the title really don't do it justice; I think the cover is just a bit too campy given that this was an absolutely awesome book. Jim is just your average guy but he has a dry sense of humor, a bleak outlook on life, and some wicked soldier training to back him up in his zombie struggles. His sidekick, Leia is just as awesome. Leia prances through the book in her metallic Princess Leia bikini costume and Enterprise slippers, tasering zombies, holding her own, and speaking in Star Wars quotes when she gets nervous. There are just a ton of quirky, yet totally awesome, characters in this book.The writing is wonderful, engaging, and packs a lot of story into this short book. This book was incredibly hard to put down and a very fast read. The action is non-stop and the little mini-cliffhangers at the end of each chapter pull you right through the book. I read the first two-thirds of the book in an hour or so and had an incredibly hard time stopping even though it was too late at night. There is a lot of humor in this book but it never goes over the top and stays more in the realm of dark humor and irony.I loved that the zombies in this book were different than in previous zombie books that I have read. These zombies have more of a hive-mentality and the third eye they develop makes for extra mystery. I loved the explanation behind how these zombies happened and enjoyed how the authors tied that in seamlessly to the Star Trek theme.All the funny play-acting and dressing up of the characters as Star Trek characters was highly amusing and it was a great way to have normal every day human characters obtain weapons and attitudes that you wouldn't normally see.The book was fairly upbeat for a zombie book; it was refreshing to read a zombie book that was tons of fun and left you feeling good at the end of it all.Overall this is one of the best, if not the best, zombie book I have read all year. I just cannot get over what a great time I had reading it, how creative the story was, and how witty and enjoyable it was. If you are at all a fan of pulp fiction, humorous horror, zombies, action, or Star Trek pick up this book. The only other zombie book I have read this year that even comes close to touching this one was The Reapers are the Angels by Alden Bell and Alden Bell's book is much more serious, talking a lot more at the philosophy of life and human nature.

Review by

Night of the Living Trekkies is a title that pretty much sums up the story. Unlike with some vaguer titles in Sci-Fi/Fantasy, with this one you really do get what it says on the metaphorical tin.The same can't be said for the cover, as there are a few descrepancies between it and the book (The notable lack of the zombie's characteristic third-eye and the green skin, for example.), but it depicts the symbolic zombie in a Star Fleet uniform, so I guess it does give a clear indication of whats going on.Firstly, I'm not sure I would class this as a work of parody, as it claims to be on the back cover, as it doesn't use characters or locations from the series. The main characters aren't even pretending to be any specific characters, they have their own Star Fleet positions and names. It's more a book about the "Trekkie" culture, with plenty of Star Trek references, the most obvious one is the first lines, which begin "Space, the final frontier...".This is a good start, fantastic in fact, and completely removed any hestitance I had in reading the book. The characters in the prologue were fantastic, and I was disappointed that it turned out they... weren't major characters. But the main characters were fascinating to read, especially the Protagonist Jim, and the woman he rescues, Princess Leia. In fact, I think this second character, dressed in a Star Wars outfit for good reason, was my favourite character (Not so great in a Star Trek book perhaps) and I think the quotes and references to Star Wars was much better done than the Trek ones. Or perhaps just more obvious.For example, I don't recall anyone ever saying "It's life Jim, but not as we know it." It's one of the most famous lines from Star Trek, and the main character had a name that was a clear set-up for such a quote. OK, so no-one actually said it EXACTLY LIKE THAT in Star Trek, but that's not the point. It would have made the book more... Trekky for non-major-fans. I would have concluded that this would have been to avoid putting off any Die-hard fans, but If that was the case, I would have called the book "Night of the Living Trekkers", since within the book it says "Trekkie" is an insult... But I'm not going to get into that debate any further, So I'll move on.Wether it's a parody or not, It should be funny. And while it's quite amusing at first, towards the end it's less so. The change starts when the first zombies are around, and it quickly becomes a less humourous book. It's always lighthearted, and easy enough to read (I stayed up much of the night), but there are less laughs than I had hoped for.And I think that's the only real problem with "Night of the Living Trekkies". It's a good book, but the only accurate thing about what it claims to be is the title, which is why I started the review with that. There are many zombie films about lately, and this one of those in book forms, with a little extra in it for Sci-Fi enthusiasts, Star Trek (and Wars) fans in particular. There ARE technical terms in it's pages, but they are mostly explained in the text. There was nothing I really felt I had missed by not being a die-hard fan (although maybe I just didn't know it). I wouldn't say you would need to have seen more than a little star trek - enough to know the most popular culture (as well knowing that Janeway is a person, not an obscure adjective) - to enjoy this book. I thought it was a well-written zombie-Horror, and I continued reading well into the early hours of the morning. It has an original take on the formation of zombies, and there are at least a few laughs.If you enjoy Star-Trek, I would read this. If you enjoy Zombie Horror, I would read this. If you enjoy both... Well, this is your lucky day, you now know the perfect book to read in your next subspace journey!

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