Vampire Academy, Paperback Book

Vampire Academy Paperback

Part of the Vampire Academy series

4.5 out of 5 (4 ratings)


St Vladimir's Academy isn't just any boarding school - hidden away, it's a place where vampires are educated in the ways of magic and half-human teens train to protect them.

Rose Hathaway is a Dhampir, a bodyguard for her best friend Lissa, a Moroi Vampire Princess.

They've been on the run, but now they're being dragged back to St Vladimir's where the girls must survive a world of forbidden romances, a ruthless social scene and terrifying night time rituals.

But most of all, staying alive.


  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Fantasy
  • ISBN: 9780141328522

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Review by

My recent craze for all fiction vampire has taught me two things: one, that a lot of the popular vampire novels are aimed at the <i>Twilight</i> demographic, and two, that some YA books can actually be read and enjoyed by all ages! <i>Vampire Academy</i> is a fun, fast-paced read, sort of <i>Harry Potter</i> grows up and meets <i>Charmed</i>, with likeable and relateable characters. Yes, the academy setting is a metaphor for all the teenage angst of high school, with boys, backstabbing and popular cliques, but the paranormal element of the story neatly balances the overload of hormones.Dhampir, or half-vampire, Rose Hathaway is best friends with Lissa Dagomir, but she is also her guardian, because Lissa is a Moroi princess, a 'royal' vampire. And since the tragic accident which killed Lissa's family, the two friends have formed a psychic bond, which allows Rose to read and enter Lissa's mind. At the Vampire Academy, Rose is being trained by fellow guardian Dimitri Belikov to develop her dhampir skills - heightened speed and strength - to better protect Lissa, but also forming a crush on her Russian mentor, while Lissa struggles to cope with her own special abilities.Told from Rose's perspective, Richelle Mead crafts a witty and spirited first person narrative that manages to weave in a complicated backstory while keeping the story moving forwards. We are told that Rose is the wild and spontaneous half of the duo, willing to fight for her friend, while Lissa is more reserved and sensitive one, but we are also <i>shown</i> these attributes in action, which makes a change. Rose's cocky personality really shines through, but the other characters are also well constructed, including moody guardian Dimitri and outsider Christian.Not being terribly <i>au fait</i> with vampire mythology yet - although I'm getting there - it took me a chapter or two to adjust to Mead's alternate universe, where the Moroi (vampires) are protected by dhampir guardians against the Strigoi (evil undead vampires). An added twist is Rose's relationship with Lissa, who is not only a Moroi 'royal', but also a vampire with heightened powers. I can't wait to read the rest of the books in the series, to find out how Rose and Lissa deal with the revelations of this engaging introduction.

Review by

Having read the graphic novel first this was basically a minor expansion on the graphic novel. It's interesting and you get to see some of the background of the characters and some of their issues and motivations.

Review by

Hhhhhmmmmmmmm, intriguing...........................<br/><br/>Nah, it's amazing, top of the pile of the vampire shit storm

Review by

This book centers around two main characters. Rose and Lissa, but is from Rose's point of view. It starts of with Rose and Lissa on the run, for what we don't know, until the Guardian's from the very school they are running from finally catch up with them and bring them back. There we learn that Lissa is a Moroi Princess (Moroi means mortal vampire... strange I know haha) and just before she went on the run her mother, father and brother died in an accident. One that her and Rose walked away from, scratch free.Upon the return to the school Rose is pushed back into her training as a Guardian, where she will learn the necessary skills and knowledge of how to keep a Moroi safe, one that she's hoping will be Lisaa who she shares a bond with. (something that's very rare). Not only pushed back into her training, but as punishment for running away with Lissa for 2 years, Rose has been put on house arrest, leaving Lissa alone without anyone to talk to. Things at school aren't the way they are when they left and not only do they have to deal with the rumors spreading around about why they left and what they got up to while gone, the new popular girl at school Mia is on a one way mission to make the duo's life hell.Lissa's one and only friend is none other than the schools outcast, Christian, faced to shoulder the shame his family brought on by willingly turning Strigoi (undead vampires). Even though Lissa is starting to feel for him, Rose cant help but think that there is something off about it, and tries everything to keep them away, even if that means lying to Christian and blocking the one thing that keeps Lissa happy during Rose's captivity. Rose's has as much to deal with as her Lissa, as she has started falling for her mentor and fellow guardian, Dimitri. Only problem is he's 7 years older. Not only having feelings for someone she could never be with, she has to find out as much about the specialized magic Moroi have if she is to help Lissa control hers (which are the very rare healing and compulsion on everyone, not just humans) because if she uses her powers too much, she could end up going crazy and turning Strigoi to escape it.My thoughts? well I'll start of by saying that the only reason I gave this a two and not a one was because I liked Dimitri's character. A lot about this book bothered me. Maybe the repetition of phrases. ( like Rose calling Dimitri a god badass..). I didn't like the chopping and changing from Rose to through Lissa's eyes. I really think a pour job was done there. I didn't like any of the characters (other than Dimitri) they all annoyed me and I hated the power struggle against Mia and Lissa. Coming from England I can honestly say that the only time I've witnessed the bitchyness like you see in this or in Mean Girls or any other school film/program is when its American, its not something I've witnessed in any schools over here, so it made it not only hard to read but unrealistic.And lastly I hated the way this book was aimed at what a 'typical' teenage would like. The silly fallen in love with someone over the space of a few days, the bitchyness, the writing, the feelings, everything. I've read a lot of YA books that even if its not about serious matters, it still doesn't strike you as the author trying to treat you like a child. Ok... no one will understand what I mean by this I'm sure, but this book could have been a lot better. All in all I just really didn't like it. The idea behind it was good, but it definitely wasn't well executed in my eyes.

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